Customised programmes,
in-room and on-line.

FORPLUS TRAINING LEADERS - Coaching Increase your Impact


  • Be comfortable and convincing before an audience
  • Acquire a toolbox for your speeches and presentations
  • Gain time and serenity in preparation
  • Optimise contents, verbal and non-verbal assets
  • Prepare an important public speaking occasion
  • Produce a natural video message without a teleprompter
  • Media training: anticipate and answer difficult questions
  • Gain charisma
FORPLUS TRAINING LEADERS Coaching Communicate and Manage


  • Develop the qualities of a valued manager
  • Increase your leadership
  • Generate trust and commitment
  • Create quality relations and team cohesion
  • Manage a trans-functional project group
  • Motivate or remotivate your team members
  • Delegate and manage performance
  • Increase collective success
FORPLUS TRAINING LEADERS - Coaching Sell Better and More


  • Refine your questioning process
  • Adapt your features and benefits 
  • Defend your margins better
  • Close your sales more often
  • Prepare an important sale
  • Improve your distant selling skills
  • Become an outstanding salesperson
FORPLUS TRAINING LEADERS - Coaching Successfully maintaining a presentation


  • Prepare, select and fine-tune your key messages
  • Use simple rhetorical techniques to grab attention
  • Optimise contents first, then verbal and non-verbal assets
  • Find opportunities to move away from your slides
  • Share your contents with conviction and passion
  • Conclude in a way that convinces
  • Rehearse thoroughly for a memorable pitch

Coaching often conducted by Didier Weyne.